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Australian Institute of Professional Education Pty Ltd

On the Saturday 29 October 2016, classes for those student’s enrolled in AIPE’s Vocational Education and Training programs ceased. On the 31 st of October, AIPE’s Higher Education Students were advised that their courses would cease.

ITECA took management of AIPE’s activation from that time.

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Course CodeCourse Name
BBus(Dist)Bachelor of Business
BSB51415Diploma of Project Management
SIT50212Diploma of Events
ICT50715Diploma of Software Development
BSB50215Diploma of Business
SIT50313Diploma of Hospitality
BSB50615Diploma of Human Resources Management
SIT50112Diploma of Travel and Tourism
CHC51712Diploma of Counselling
BSB51915Diploma of Leadership and Management
FNS50215Diploma of Accounting
ICT50515Diploma of Database Design and Development
BSB51215Diploma of Marketing
ICT50615Diploma of Website Development
FNS50615Diploma of Financial Planning
BSB60215Advanced Diploma of Business
FNS60215Advanced Diploma of Accounting
ICT50915Diploma of Digital Media Technologies
BSB60515Advanced Diploma of Marketing
BSB61015Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management
BSB60915Advanced Diploma of Management (Human Resources)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still have a debt?

If you were enrolled at the College and you opted for an income contingent loan from the Federal Government to pay for that course (otherwise known as VET FEE HELP) then yes, you probably do. The question is how much. To answer that question you should have records that tell you:

  • What course you were in
  • The cost of that course
  • The census dates – and how many census dates you have progressed through

To formally find out how much you owe you need to contact the ATO via the MyGov website. If you haven’t set up an account already – you will need to.

To go – and click on “Create My Gov Account”. Through this process you will link up your ATO Account to this site so that you can track your VFH Debt.

Alternatively if you have questions contact Study Assist –

Do I need to contact Centrelink?

If you have a Youth Allowance payment or student allowance payment we really recommend that you contact Centrelink to advise them of your change in circumstances.

To find out more go to the Study Assist site for further information

Additional FAQ's