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About Tuition Assurance

The Tuition Assurance Scheme (TAS) offers protection to domestic students in the event that a student is unable to complete a course as a result of the insolvency of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Tuition Assurance relates to that portion of a student’s tuition fees that were paid in advance of that tuition. The tuition assurance is in place for Registered Training organisations to comply with either the clause 7.3 of the RTO Standards 2015 or the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015

The Scheme offers two choices when an RTO ceases to trade, these being:

  1. Students can request to continue their study in a comparable course with an alternative provider, or
  2. To discontinue with their studies and obtain a refund for the fees prepaid but unutilised.

The TAS is underpinned by an insurance policy and all refunds are carried out in accordance with this policy. TAS itself does not, and has never, held students funds.

Choices for Displaced Students –

When an independent provider closes, and the providers Tuition Assurance Scheme is “activated” we will contact the students when records have been provided to us.  Please note, the provider must be a TAS policy in place in order for a claim to be processed and, if eligible, paid-out.

Option One – You are placed into an equivalent course with a new provider.

The TAS team will endeavour to match you with a comparable course offered by another training provider without any requirement for you to pay the new provider tuition fees for any replacement units (that is, units that you have commenced but not completed due to the closure). The second (new) provider may, however, have different tuition fees for any ongoing or additional units of study.

If you decide to approach another college outside our offer, additional fees and incurred costs may be charged to you and will not be eligible for claim against the tuition assurance scheme.

Option Two – Request a Refund for any prepaid fees

Students selecting this option can apply for a refund of tuition fees paid in advance for units of study that were commenced but could not be completed due to closure.

This scheme covers tuition fees only and stipulates that only claims relating to tuition fees are possible.

This unfortunately means that students who have made payment to their provider in advance for things in addition to tuition eg: one-day courses, equipment are not covered by the tuition assurance scheme.

Insurance Policy Information –

The underpinning TAS insurance policy does not provide for the full refund of all fees as at the date of payment of those fees. Rather, the policy operates based on the effluxion of time, from the commencement of your enrolment to your expected completion date.

The insurance policy relating to a provider closure prior to 2017, does not provide for the full refund of all fees as at the date of payment of those fees. Rather, the policy operates based on the effluxion of time, from the commencement of your enrolment to your expected completion date.

This effectively means that if you paid 100% of your course fees in advance and are halfway through the time agreed for your course, you would receive 50% of your fees, subject to the other terms and conditions in the policy.

It is important to note that TAS does not hold any student fees once a college closes. All claims submitted are thoroughly reviewed and must meet all requirements under the insurance policy.  All required evidence outlined below must be supplied in order to conduct a full assessment of any prepaid fees claimable. All current displaced students are required to provide the following;

  • Enrolment confirmation – confirmation of a start date and end date
  • Payment receipts – for fees paid for tuition via deposit / direct debit or cash
  • USI transcript – using your USI number you can go to the USI website (here) to retrieve your transcript
  • Statement of attainment

Evidence must also show that the student was a current ACTIVE student at the time of closure and were a full fee-paying student (Fee for Service) Any domestic students who were received state funding or subsidies will not be eligible under the tuition assurance scheme.

Where To Go From Here –

All evidence submitted is carefully assessed and evaluated by both the TAS team and a third party. If you are a displaced student and do not fall under the requirements of the Australian Student Tuition Scheme,

  • International students:
    Please contact the Tuition Protection Service (TPS) by email or phone 1300 980 434.
  • Domestic students accessing state funding or subsidies:
    Please contact your state or territory’s Department of Education.
  • Domestic full-fee paying students who paid less than $1500 in up-front payments:
    Please contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on 1300 302 502.
  • If you are a student VET Student Loans / VET FEE-HELP or FEE-HELP student affected by a 2018/2019 course or provider closure:
    Please refer to the Department of Education website.

If you require further information regarding a college closure or enquiring about a recredit from a college prior to 2017 please contact;

Phone: 1800 657 644